This blog is just random things that I thought were funny. And/or it made me smile, or whatever. You know what I mean
PCHOOOOO. // rolls away


I was going to do more art for this but I kinda lost steam

FINAL DAY of 1wok. thank you for this journey.

Have this poopy fantasystuck story below the cut.

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OKAY. I GET IT. I need to source the photos I posted. I’m not “stealing” okay? Also, just to get this through…most of the photos I posted are found on zerochan and google. I didn’t know that those two sites didn’t count. I don’t even know who the artists are. For now on, I’ll TRY  and find the actual person who drew it. Oh! And, thank you to all the people who called me a “bitch”, “ignorant child”, “faggot”, “fuckass”, “shit”, and otherwise. This was my first blog so I didn’t know. Once again, thanks. Lastly, I appreciate those who didn’t call me names. Uh…bye now.

trinkee asked: “Zerochan is not an actual source. Please source properly with programs like saucenao.”

Yes it is a source. If I found it on zerochan, then I’ll link it on zerochan. It counts.